Home Occupations (City of Knoxville)

A Home Occupation is a gainful occupation conducted in a dwelling unit or residence. Home Occupations in the City must be approved by MPC through the Use On Review process. Home Occupation requests in the County must be approved administratively by the Knox County Department of Code Administration (215-2325).

Materials that must be submitted by the standard deadline:

The following regulations apply:

Home Occupation requests must:

Home Occupations permitted, subject to approval by MPC:

Specifically Prohibited as a Home Occupation:

Tea Room, Tourist Home, Real Estate Office, Convalescent Home, Mortuary Establishment, Animal Hospital, Repair Shop, Catering Service

Home Occupation requests may be:

A. Approved - MPC approval becomes effective after the 15-day appeal period has expired. (After the appeal period, the applicant may apply for a building permit, if needed.)

B. Approved with Conditions - The Planning Commission may impose conditions regarding the location, character, or other features of the proposed use as it deems appropriate. (After the appeal period, the applicant may apply for a building permit, if needed, subject to any conditions approved by MPC.)

C. Denied

Appeal of MPC Decisions on Home Occupations:

Appeals are heard by City Council. The appeal must be filed with MPC within 15 days from the date of the MPC public hearing.