An administrative plat must be approved and recorded to:

  • Record the boundary of an existing parcel or tract of land
  • Divide one lot into two
  • Combine any number of lots into two
  • Adjust lot lines between two lots

1. Have a survey prepared by a registered land surveyor
Your surveyor is responsible for preparing a survey that meets both your specifications and all requirements of the Minimum Subdivision Regulations. It must be in 18" x 24" format.

Ask your surveyor what administrative services that he or she provides (such as submitting the survey for review, obtaining certification signatures, preparing easement documents if necessary, and recording the survey). Some surveyors will include these tasks in their standard fee, while others will charge extra. You must determine whether you or your surveyor will be responsible for the necessary administrative tasks, and what the associated costs will be.

2. Submit the survey to MPC for review
Submit two paper copies of the survey and the application fee to the MPC office. The MPC staff will conduct an administrative review of the plat.

3. Corrections
The MPC staff will contact your surveyor with any necessary corrections. Your surveyor must make all needed corrections on the reproducible original copy of the survey.

4. Obtain certification signatures
When you submit the survey, have the MPC staff place the proper certification signature blocks on the reproducible original copy (if the surveyor has not already done so). The following certification signatures are necessary:

  • The property owner
  • The surveyor
  • Knox County Health Department
  • Knox County Trustee
  • MPC Address Department

If multiple lots are being combined, the surveyor must determine which of the following must be signed:

  • Easement release
  • Certification of no recorded easements

5. Make copies for certification
After you have finished getting all certification stamps signed and corrections made, have one mylar and five paper copies made from the reproducible original.

6. Final certification
Bring all six copies back to the MPC office for certification. The staff will give you three paper copies for recording.

7. Record your survey
Drop off one certified paper copy to the Property Assessor’s office (2nd floor west). Then go to the Register of Deeds office (2nd floor east), where they will charge you a fee to record a paper copy.

8. Keep final paper copy for your records
Keep the last paper copy for your records ­— you will need it to show where the plat is recorded, to obtain building permits, or for your attorney’s use in deed preparation.


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