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Agency Overview

Knoxville-Knox County Planning (Planning) was established in 1956 by Knoxville and Knox County as the agency responsible for comprehensive county-wide planning and administration of zoning and land subdivision regulations and remains so today, except for the town of Farragut. Funding for Planning activities comes primarily from city and county appropriations and from federal grants for specific studies.

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Background Maps and Data

The John Sevier Corridor Study will focus on the full length of the highway, running from Alcoa Highway in South Knox County to Asheville Highway in East Knox County.

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City of Knoxville One Year Plan (OYP)

The City's Charter mandates the annual adoption of a one year comprehensive development plan covering the entire city and requires future zoning decisions in the city conform to the community's comprehensive development plans.

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Community and Corridor Plans

Neighborhood and Small Area plans include specific recommendations and set of tools to guide development within a smaller community.

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Corridor Studies

A corridor study examines the land use and transportation systems along a street or road in more detail than a Sector Plan.

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East Knox Community Plan

East Knox Community Plan will build upon and enhance existing plans for the area by developing a community vision and identifying a variety of tools to achieve this vision. By using existing plans, and assessing other planning themes not previously addressed in those plans, the East Knox Community Plan will help the community and its stakeholders plan for the future.

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Inspiring Communities

Creating healthy, vibrant communities, where all residents engage, home and travel choices fulfill, businesses thrive, and natural and cultural treasures inspire.

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Plans and Studies

The Planning Commission prepares plans and studies for the City of Knoxville and Knox County area.

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Request for New, Temporary, or Official Address

It is Knoxville-Knox County Planning's responsibility to ensure each residence and place of business in Knox County is systematically assigned a valid and unique address and to keep record of its location.

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Task Forces and Special Studies

A Task Force is often created at the direction of City Council or County Commission to study a specific issue in greater detail.

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Tips for Attending a Planning Commission Meeting

Planning Commission meetings are open and the public are encouraged to attend.

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Use On Review

In addition to uses permitted as a right by the zoning ordinance, special uses may be established and maintained only with the approval of the Planning Commission.

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