October 31, 2006

The School Facility Assessment is intended to provide assistance for the decision making process of the Knox County Commission and School Board with respect to the design and construction of school facilities. The standards and guidelines presented herein are not intended to be prescriptive to the degree of restricting creative thinking. Rather, it is intended that the information provided would assist in the development of facilities that represent the best value for expenditure while creating an appropriate environment for learning. This document is part of a compendium of information that provides supplemental data to the Knox County Commission and the School Board.

The School Facility Assessment Project has two parts. One part is a physical assessment of the school facilities and the other part is a capacity study that compares current and projected enrollment. The Partnership for Educational Facilities Assessment (PEFA) was formed in August 2006 to develop a framework for this task. The partnership consists of members from Knox County Schools , the Metropolitan Planning Commission, and the Public Building Authority. PEFA evaluated all existing school facilities and established a school facility information system for use in upgrading and managing school facility infrastructure. With the system in place, the school administration can assume responsibility for maintaining and updating the information.

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Knox County Schools Physical Assessments (2MB)

Individual School Profiles

Enrollment Projections for Knox County Schools: 2007/08 - 2016/17

Impacts of Population Growth on School Facilities

Impacts of Residential Property Development on Knox County Schools (1.5MB)

School Capacity and Enrollments Comparisons:

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Middle Schools
High Schools

Capacity and Physical Assessment Challenges: Priority Needs

Current Priorities
5-Year Priorities
10-Year Priorities

Presentation to the Knox County Commission and Knox County School Board (2.7MB)