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Annual Report Shows Focus on Community 

November 5, 2019 | More News

Every year, Planning staff prepares and distributes an Annual Report, showcasing the projects and work completed by staff and commissioners in the previous fiscal year.

Last year we foscused on serving our community and finding ways to improve upon previous efforts. We went through a rebrand, improved customer service and other processes, and had record engagement on plans and projects thanks to increased efforts and new approaches. Major plans and projects that were worked on included Recode Knoxville, a neighborhood overlay in Oakwood, the Major Road Plan, Hardin Valley Mobility Study, Chapman Highway Implementation Plan, and 5310 Program. We also continued our annual reporting on development activity and shared new ways to access population and economic growth data, including revamped webpages, a new web application, and the increased use of story maps. In addition to staff's work, Planning Commissioners heard 509 cases last year, and work continued with the Downtown Design Review Board, Infill Housing Design Review Committee, Historic Zoning Commissions, and TTCDA. To find details on any of the work mentioned above, or to find out even more about our recent activity, see the full report.