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Have You Seen Our New Public Notice Signs?

July 3, 2019 | More News

Planning staff provide these temporary signs to applicants to post themselves, and require a signed agreement that outlines the applicant’s responsibilities.

All signs are branded with the agency’s logo and marked by letters that identify the case type. This standardization was put in place to help the public recognize the signs and identify the nature of the proposal or application. In addition to an updated look, the new signs include a case number and website so people can easily find more information.

 Signs will continue to be posted for the following items:

Along with sign updates, we are also working to streamline our noticing process. Property owners within a certain distance of an upcoming case are notified by a postcard informing them of the location, case type, and information about the public meeting at which it will be heard. In the past, those distances varied based on case type.

Now, property owners within a 300 ft radius will be informed of the application, regardless of case type.

These changes are part of our effort to constantly review our processes and procedures to better serve our community.