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Hardin Valley Community Meeting Summary

April 18, 2019 | More News

A second community meeting for the Hardin Valley Mobility Study was held on April 10.

This meeting built on previous input from in-person meetings and online tools in which respondents were asked to prioritize improvements and give feedback on traffic, safety, land use, and development.

Previous input helped create three scenarios that illustrate what the area could look like in the future:

  1. Development would continue to spread into rural areas
  2. Higher density would be allowed in certain locations to preserve the rural character in other areas
  3. Density would be focused on specific nodes or cross roads

Participants at the April 10th meeting were asked to provide input on candidate transportation projects addressing the following areas of concern: road connectivity, congestion and traffic operations, safety and non-motorized improvements.

For more information on each of these scenarios, including impacts of land consumption and possible transportation projects, view the presentation given at the April 10 meeting. We are also still encouraging input on candidate transportation projects through our online mapping tool until April 30th.

This study is expected to be completed later this spring.

The final document will include small- and large-scale transportation improvements, including policy recommendations; prioritized improvements; and estimated costs for improvements.

For more details on the project, visit the Hardin Valley Mobility Study webpage