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One Year Plan Meeting Summary: West + Northwest Knoxville

February 12, 2018 | More News | Public Meeting

MPC planners recently met with residents from West and Northwest areas of the city to talk about upcoming changes to the One Year Plan.

The meeting, held Tuesday, February 6, took place at Middlebrook Pike United Methodist Church.

MPC staff presented proposed plan changes to an audience of 15 people, then opened the floor to citizen input. The crowd was small, but their questions and concerns were big – citizens and planners talked about recently proposed development on Broome Road in West Hills, the future of the Tennova Hospital site on Middlebrook Pike, the role of zoning and plans, impact of the hillside protection area, and the seeming misalignment between zoning and planning patterns.

Open meetings to talk about One Year Plan updates are a great way to get involved in planning for your neighborhood. You can help guide future growth in your area, learn about planning process, and meet local decision-makers!

There are two additional meetings scheduled for this year’s One Year Plan update: February 12 for South Knoxville and February 15 for North, East, and Central areas. Meeting locations and times, as well as updates on the process, can be found at knoxmpc.org/one-year-plan.