September 2020
Historic Zoning Commission
Meeting Information

Below is the monthly archive for the September 2020 Historic Zoning Commission meeting, including the agenda, meeting minutes, and the recording of the meeting.

Agenda Minutes

Actions from the September 2020 meeting

8-N-20-HZ Withdrawn

9-B-20-HZ Approved

9-C-20-HZ Approved with Conditions

9-D-20-HZ Approved

9-E-20-HZ Approved as Modified

Level I work: replacement of existing asphalt shingle roofing with dimensional asphalt shingles; replacement in-kind of gutters; repair, and replacement in-kind to sections of deteriorated wood lap siding (replacement siding to match existing in dimensions and exposure profile, cornerboards to be retained); replacement in-kind to wood fascia and soffit, with materials and dimensions to match existing; demo and removal of non-historic, rear elevation deck and associated shed roof structure. Level 1 work approved 8/28/2020.

Level II Work:

Windows: replacement of existing one-over-one and two-over-two, double-hung wood windows with new one-over-one, double-hung wood windows. Window replacements will not involve enclosure or modification to existing fenestrations and exterior wood trim will be retained and repaired as necessary. Wood windows to match specifications for Sierra Pacific brand, all-wood, double-hung replacement windows. Single-pane picture-window to remain.

Door: replacement of non-historic front door with a salvaged wood door. Proposed replacement door features two vertical panels under a semi-circular, divided half-light.

Rear elevation: removal of paired, two-over-two, double-hung windows on the rear elevation and replacement with paired, single-light fiberglass French doors.

Deck: proposed French doors will provide access to a new deck. Proposed new deck is 8' wide by 10' deep, centered on the rear elevation. Deck floor will be approximately 68" tall from the ground level. The railing will feature 2"x2" square, 36" tall wood pickets. Balusters to be set into top and bottom rails.

9-F-20-HZ Approved

9-G-20-HZ Approved with Conditions

9-H-20-HZ Approved

9-I-20-HZ Approved