December, 1969
Planning Commission
Meeting Information

Below is the monthly archive for the December, 1969 Planning Commission meeting, including the final agenda, case files, and all correspondence for each case..

April Meetings to be Held Electronically

Both the Agenda Review (4/7) and Planning Commission (4/9) meetings will take place electronically in accordance with Governor Bill Lee's Executive Order Number 16.
  • Commission members will connect remotely. We want to make sure everyone interested can access the meeting. If you are interested in watching the Planning Commission meeting, it will be available via CTV, and YouTube.
  • Comments on specific agenda items should be submitted no later than 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday before the meeting to Include the file number when commenting on a specific case.
  • If you are not an applicant and you are interested in speaking during the meeting about a specific agenda item, email us at no later than Wednesday at noon with your full name, phone number and the agenda item of interest.


Available 6 days prior to the meeting

The agenda contains maps, staff reports, site plans, correspondence and other supporting documents related to cases under consideration.


Agenda Updates

Updates to the December, 1969 meeting materials and/or the agenda itself were made available below.

  • Automatic Postponements / Withdrawals
    Items listed on the current agenda that have been postponed until a future meeting.
    Available Tuesday before the meeting
  • Additions, Changes, and Corrections
    Agenda updates, additional information, and public input are published beginning Tuesday afternoon before the meeting.
    Check this page frequently for updates
  • Agenda Review Meeting
    Commissioners meet to discuss the items to be heard at the monthly meeting.
    Open to the public.
    Scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on the Tuesday prior to the monthly meeting
  • Requests for Postponements / Withdrawals / Tablings
    Items requiring a vote of the Planning Commission to be postponed, withdrawn, or tabled during the meeting.
    Available the day of the Meeting

Meeting Resources

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