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Changes to porches visible from the primary street
433 E. Quincy Ave.
Meeting Date
March 5, 2020


New Primary Structure
427 E. Quincy Ave.
Meeting Date
March 5, 2020

Actions from the February meeting

1-A-20-IH Approved With Conditions

The Committee approved the project with an 8-foot front setback variance to allow the front setback of the house to be consistent with other houses on the street, subject to the following conditions: 1. Access shall be from the alley since it is in good working condition (p. 7). 2. Parking pad and driveway material shall comply with the City's Engineering Department's requirements: - Parking pad shall be 18 ft x 20 ft. - If using a gravel surface, a minimum of 10-15 ft of asphalt or concrete is required to be installed from the street to keep gravel off of the alley, and landscape timbers must be installed along both sides of the driveway and around the parking pad to contain the gravel. 3. One native tree should be planted in the rear yard (p. 16). 4. Insert 1 or 2 windows on the rear faҫade to meet the solid-to-void requirement of the guidelines (p. 10). 5. Utilize lap siding versus Dutch lap or horizontal panels to more closely resemble the exterior materials historically utilized in the neighborhood (p.13). 6. Utilize shake siding or horizontal lap siding beneath both front gables since vertical siding is not allowed (p. 13).

2-A-20-IH Approved With Conditions

The Committee approved the project with the condition that the porch enclosure utilize 4" to 6" horizontal siding in the same color as the main house to match the existing conditions on the primary structure as closely as possible. 1.The damage sustained over time by the porch support posts, the roof, the door, and other structural elements was such that these elements needed to be demolished and rebuilt. They are beyond repair. 2.The majority of the houses on the street are of no significant architectural style, so the proposal is not out of character for the neighborhood. 3.The approval includes the change in front setback, understanding that the porch enclosure moves the primary structure closer to the lot line.

2-B-20-IH Approved

The Committee approved the proposed awning removal and window infill as submitted per the following findings: 1. The awning is out of character with the architectural character of the house. 2. The windows proposed for infill are on the rear faҫade.

2-C-20-IH Approved With Conditions

The Committee approved the application, with a 1-foot variance on the front setback to allow the house to be consistent with other houses on the same side of the street, subject to the condition that windows be added as following: 1. Add one window in the living room on the right side facade 2. Add one window on the rear faҫade in either bedroom 3 or bedroom 5