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The applicant is proposing a new house and driveway for 131 E. Emerald Avenue. Proposed Site 1. The proposed house will front E. Emerald Avenue, with a proposed front setback of 15' from the porch to the front property line and 23' from the main house to the property line. While the adjacent house at 135 E. Emerald Avenue is set closer to the street, other houses on the 100 and 200 blocks of E. Emerald Avenue reflect similar setbacks as the proposed infill house. The front and side setbacks are appropriate for the neighborhood context. 2. Proposed access is from the alley. The 16' x 16' parking area will be located behind, and screened visually by, the house. 3. The applicant has included a walkway from the sidewalk to the front door. Proposed House 1. The proposed house is a 1.5 story, three-bedroom, two-bathroom structure, measuring 31' wide by 32' deep. The house features a front-gable porch projecting from the right half of the faҫade (east). The house is proportional to the dimensions of the lot and other houses on the block. 2. The side-gable roof has a 9/12 slope with dimensional asphalt shingle cladding. The front-gable roof on the porch features a 6/12 slope with matching cladding. 3. The house features Craftsman influences, including the porch design, roof details, and windows and doors. 4. The front porch is 8' deep by 20' wide, featuring a front-gable roof porch with 6" x 6" square wood columns on wider square bases. The porch is consistent with existing porches on surrounding blocks. 5. The proposed concrete block foundation is 2'-8" tall, consistent with other historic houses on the block. 6. The proposed front door is appropriate for a Craftsman-style house. 7. Windows are proposed as 2/1 or 3/1 double-hung windows with trim on the faҫade, left (south) elevation, and both side gable fields. The right (north) elevation features three non-egress, 3' x 3' square windows. Windows are appropriately designed for the style and placement of the windows is appropriate. 8. Proposed siding is a horizontal lap siding, which reflects the materials historically used in the neighborhood

Case Fileposted 7/31/2020
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