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Changes to porches visible from the primary street
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This project involves the after-the-fact review of porch modifications. Proposed Project 1. The house is a late Folk Victorian or early Craftsman-style house which has received significant modifications in the mid-twentieth century, including non-historic stone veneer siding, an enclosed front porch, and a midcentury picture window on the faҫade. The house no longer retains a distinguishable historic architectural style. The surrounding blocks feature Craftsman-style houses, Ranch houses, and infill construction. 2. The previous porch was a stoop, covered with a shed-roof metal awning, characteristic of mid-twentieth-century porch design. 3. The proposed scope of work includes replacing the flat-roof enclosed section with a front-gable roof which extends towards the street to provide a front-gable roof porch. The new roof has a 6/12 slope and incorporates eave overhangs on the side elevations. 4. The roof modifications do not expand the footprint of the front porch. 5. The applicant proposes to complete the project with 6" x 6" square wood posts and an open gable with diagonal cross bracing (or a "wagon wheel" design). The Committee has both approved open gable porch roofs and encouraged the use of siding on porch gables to better resemble historic porch designs.

Case Fileposted 7/31/2020
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