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Approved by the Planning Commission
APPROVE the request for 5 carport structures at an existing apartment complex as identified on the development plan and the reduction of the peripheral setback from 35' to 20' along the Snyder Road frontage, subject to 4 conditions.
After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the County, appeals will be heard by Knox County Board of Zoning Appeals.
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Applicant Request

Case Notes

1) Meeting all applicable requirements of the First Utility District.
2) Meeting all applicable requirements of Knox County Codes Administration and Enforcement and Knox County Engineering and Public Works.
3) Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance.
4) All planting that are damaged or removed during the installation of the carports must be replaced in-kind and in approximately the same location.

Mat Gillin

Property Information

810 Tapestry Way

North side of Outlet Dr., east side of Snyder Rd.

Commission District 6

12.28 acres

Northwest County

Land Use Designation? HDR (High Density Residential)

Currently on the Property
Apartment Complex

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area