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South County Sector Plan Amendment
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Staff Recommendation

DENY the CR (Rural Commercial) zoning.

Staff recommends denial of the requested CR (Rural Commercial) zone district because it is not consistent with the existing sector plan classification of LDR (Low Density Residential) and it is not located near an intersection of an arterial and/or collector street. The requested size of the area to be rezoned is approximately 10 acres exceeding the maximum lot area of 4 acres for the CR (Rural Commercial) zone. The existing zoning of A (Agricultural) for the property allows for a variety of uses for the property as well as a many more uses permitted on review, including retail sales of agricultural products grown on site, or acquired elsewhere and then maintained on the site subject to conditions as noted in Article 5.22.03.V. Rezoning the property to CR (Rural Commercial) could allow for a wide range of uses not consistent with the adjacent agricultural zoning and land uses because the RC zone district allows uses including retail sales, such as fueling service stations with or without convenience stores. If this land is rezoned to RC, it could potentially be developed for more intense commercial retail uses that may negatively affect adjacent property owners. Existing commercially zoned land exists along the Governor John Sevier Highway Corridor within a mile of both directions from this site (see Exhibit A.)

Robbie Toole
0 E. Governor John Sevier Hwy.

West side of East Governor John Sevier Highway, Northwest of French Road and southwest of Old French Road.

Commission District 9
Census Tract 55.01

9 acres
South County

Land Use LDR (Low Density Residential)

Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area