Use On Review


Denied by the Planning Commission
DENY the request for a mining and mineral extraction operation, and the associated Mining Plan of Operations, because the use will have an adverse impact on the character of the neighborhood in which the site is located and significantly injure the value of adjacent property by noise, lights, fumes, odors, vibration, traffic congestion or other impacts which may detract from the immediate environment.
After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the County, appeals will be heard by Knox County Board of Zoning Appeals.
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Case Notes

According to Article 4.10. -- Section 2 of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance (Development Standards for Uses Permitted on Review), the proposed use "must be specially placed into the development pattern which exists at the time of their arrival." Because this site was abandoned as a mining operation, its mining pit filled for reuse of the site, and the previous and current ownership not being mining operators, the use of this site for an expanded mining operation is out of character with the neighborhood in which it is located and does not fit within the development (use) pattern which exists today.

East Knoxville Stone

Property Information

2514 Julian Ln., 0 Flint Gap & 0 Kennedy Rd.

South side of Julian Ln., north side of Flint Gap Rd., east side of Kennedy Rd

Commission District 8

31.90 acres

East County

Land Use Designation? AG (Agricultural) & HP (Hillside Protection)

Currently on the Property
Vacant & house

Growth Plan
Rural Area