Design Review Board
Updates for 5-C-20-DT


Level 1: Sign

Installation of two non-illuminated 9 sqft projecting signs (3' tall by 3' wide) with aluminum faces and vinyl graphics. One sign is located on the Gay Street elevation on the first pillaster south (left) of the building corner. The sign will be attached to the stone pillaster and will have an 8' clearance with the sidewalk. The other sign will be located on the Union Avenue elevation in the storefront bay between the two doorways on this elevation. The mounting tube fro the sign will be attached to the metal storefront system similar to the Wake Foot Sanctuary sign on the opposite side of the Union Avenue doorway.

Site Info

CJ's Tacos will be located near the Union Avenue entrance to the hotel and does not have a physical storefront that faces a street. The proposed signs meet the design guideline recommendation for projecting signs of being 9 sqft or less, and the zoning requirement of maintaining a minimum 7' clearance with the sidewalk if non-electrified. The guidelines and zoning permit the request for two signs on different street frontages so the board does have the authority to approve the request as submitted. However, staff is recommending that only the Union Avenue sign be approved because of the six smaller businesses in the hotel building, this would be the only one with two projecting signs. If the Gay Street sign is approved, this would also be the fifth business sign, excluding the Embassy Suites signs, on this elevation. An alternative solution may be to have a directory sign with multiple businesses listed. There has been at least one occassion where the board has approved two signs on different street frontages for a business that does not have physical frontage along both streets, the Starbucks in the Hyatt Place hotel. This business has a two small projecting sign, one on the north (left) side of the Gay Street elevation and one mounted at an angle at the Gay Street and Clinch Avenue corner of the building. Starbucks also has a wall sign above its storefront. There is another store in this building with a small projecting sign, William & Wylie Custom Menswear, near the rear of the building on Clinch Avenue. Applicable guidelines: Section 2.B.1. (RECOMMENDED SIGNS) These recommendations for signs in the traditional grid district recognize that certain types of signs are more pedestrian-friendly and should be encouraged within the grid district. GUIDELINES: 1a. Wall signs on sign boards that are above a transom or first story and mounted flush to the building faҫade. 1b. Projecting signs of modest size (9 square feet, maximum); a larger sign must be approved by the board. 1c. Window signs, less than 30 percent coverage, including neon signs. 1d. Building name sign and/or building directory.

Staff Recommendation

APPROVE Certificate 5-C-20-DT for the Union Avenue sign only.

Case Fileposted 5/13/2020
505 S. Gay St.
Pattison Sign Group
Industrial Development Board

Actions from the May 20, 2020 meeting

5-A-20-DT Approve as requested

APPROVE Certificate 5-A-20-DT as submitted.

5-B-20-DT Approve subject to conditions

APPROVE Certificate 5-B-20-DT subject to the following conditions: 1) All signage must be reviewed and approved by the DRB as a separate application. 2) Approval by the City of Knoxville of any changes to the development agreement.

5-C-20-DT Approve a modification of the application

APPROVE Certificate No. 5-C-20-DT for the Union Avenue sign only and to deny the sign for Gay Street, per staff recommendation.