Updates for 5-A-20-PD



Staff Recommendation

Approve the preliminary plan for the Galbraith School Adaptive Reuse planned development, including approval of the requested exceptions to the underlying zoning's dimensional and use standards, subject to 3 conditions:

1. Upon approval of the preliminary plan by City Council, a final plan shall be submitted for review and approval by the Planning Commission. The final plan shall be in substantial compliance with the approved preliminary plan. 2. The Principal Use Standards of section 9.3 of the City of Knoxville zoning ordinance apply to all applicable uses unless otherwise specified within the Galbraith School Adaptive Reuse document. 3. No signs shall be internally illuminated and the permitted detached sign shall be no taller than 6 feet and no greater than 36 square feet in area.

Logan Higgins
4333 Galbraith School Rd.

Northeast side of Galbraith School Rd., east of Scarlett Ln.

Council District 1

2.60 acres
South City

Land Use CI (Civic / Institutional)

Growth Plan