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After our last email I contacted TDEC and spoke to Peter Lemiszki with TDEC. He is the Cheif Geologist for the
Tennessee Geological Survey. He provided me with a short write up of information about that specific area and said it
had a possibility of being a sinkhole based on the known formation and soil type (along with a closed contour on it) of the
area but nothing definitive. I went back out and did a pretty detailed topo and it does close in on itself at the 985' contour.
Given the small size of the lots ( a 50' setback makes them non build-able) I am going to advise the owner to contact a
geotechnical firm to get their opinion on it before pursuing any further.

Danny Oliver

Property Information

5024 McIntyre Rd.

Between Leconte Rd and Payne Rd on McIntyre Rd

Council District 4

14,994 square feet

East City

Land Use Designation? LDR

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