Concept Plan


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Planning Staff Recommendation
APPROVE the Concept Plan subject to 11 conditions.
After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the County, appeals will be heard by Knox County Chancery Court.
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Applicant Request

Emory Green
120 (Split)
Proposed Density
4.28 du/ac
Yes - SF

Case Notes

1. Connection to sanitary sewer and meeting any other relevant requirements of the utility provider.
2. Provision of street names which are consistent with the Uniform Street Naming and Addressing System within Knox County (County Ord. 91-1-102).
3. Implementing the recommendations of the Hatmaker (Emory Green) Subdivision Transportation Impact Study (Fulghum MacIndoe, 10/26/2020), as revised and approved by Planning Commission staff and Knox County Engineering and Public Works (see Exhibit A).
4. Providing a 25' common area strip between the W. Emory Road and lots 35-37, in accordance with section 3.02.A.4 (Double Frontage Lots) of the Knoxville-Knox County Subdivision Regulations, and as shown on the Concept Plan.
5. Providing a minimum 10' landscape buffer between the private driveway and parking spaces and W. Emory Road for the condominiums along the eastern boundary of the site.
6. Certifying that the required sight distance is available at all access points with documentation provided to Knox County Engineering and Public Works for review and approval during the design plan phase.
7. Reforesting the disturbed areas as proposed on sheet C2.
8. Meeting all applicable requirements of Knox County Engineering and Public Works.
9. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance.
10. Submitting to Planning staff prior to final plat review by the Planning Commission or Planning staff, the certification of design plan approval form as required by the Knoxville-Knox County Subdivision Regulations.
11. Prior to certification of the final plat for the subdivision, establishing a property owners association that will be responsible for the maintenance of the common areas, drainage system, and any recreational amenities.



Fulghum MacIndoe & Accociates, Inc.

Property Information

0 W. Emory Rd.

South and west sides of W. Emory Road, east of Old Cobbs Ferry Road

Commission District 6

28.06 acres

Northwest County

Currently on the Property
Agricultural & Vacant land

Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area