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Appeal by Monty Fairchild of Infill Housing Design Review Committee's denial to allow driveway to be built in front of house [as originally approved 6-16-2008] as so conditioned as part of the Certificate of Appropriateness approval on 2.6.2020 for property located at 1201 Connecticut Avenue / Parcel ID 081 IK 032, Council District 5. Infill Housing File No. 1-A-20-IH.

Staff Recommendation

Deny the appeal and uphold the Infill Housing Design Review Committee decision to require access off the alley.

Staff recommends upholding the decision of the Infill Housing Design Review Committee's (IH Committee) decision to approve the applicant's request with six conditions attached to ensure it is in compliance with the Heart of Knoxville Infill Housing Guidelines. The applicant is appealing one of these conditions specifically, that driveway access be provided off of the alley at the rear of the property. Infill Housing Design Guidelines state that access should be from the alley in cases where there is an alley in functioning condition. The alley behind Mr. Fairchild's property is in working order and provides access to several of the residential properties that abut this alley. Of the developed residential properties on Connecticut Avenue abutting this alley, only 3 have driveway access from Connecticut Avenue. All properties with driveways on Connecticut Avenue (both sides of the street) predate the Infill Housing Design Guidelines (October, 2007) and are considered legal nonconforming.

Case Fileposted 3/5/2020
Monty Fairchild

Commission District 5