Updates for 3-A-20-TOG



Building Permit

Staff Recommendation

Based on the application and plans as submitted, Staff recommends APPROVAL of this request for a Certificate of Appropriateness for a building permit - grading plan for a curb cut onto Centerpoint Boulevard, subject to the following conditions: 1. Obtaining approval from the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works for the design and installation of the proposed access to Centerpoint Boulevard. 2. Obtaining approval from The Development Corporation of Knox County for the proposed curb cut. 3. Any further development of this site will require connection to the stub-out driveway from the existing Weigel's Store located directly to the south. 4. Any further development of this site will require review and approval from the Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission and the TTCDA Board. 5. Obtaining a use on review approval (3-A-20-UR) from the Planning Commission. 6. Meeting all relevant requirements of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance, as appropriate.

Case Fileposted 3/5/2020
LKM Properties, LLC
1405 Lovell Rd.

Northwest side of Lovell Road, southwest side of Centerpoint Boulevard.

Commission District 6

3.23 acres
Northwest County