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Approved by the Planning Commission
APPROVE the Concept Plan subject to 7 conditions.
After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the County, appeals will be heard by Knox County Chancery Court.
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Applicant Request

Camp Fox
9 (Split)
Proposed Density

Case Notes

1. Connection to sanitary sewer and meeting any other relevant requirements of the utility provider.
2. Providing a turnaround for the driveway on Lot 1 and placing the driveway as close to the south property line as possible, with the location of the driveway to be approved by Knox County Engineering and Public Works during the design plan phase and shown on the plat.
3. Providing a note on the plat that the minimum finished floor elevation is 923, or as otherwise required by Knox County Engineering and Public Works during the design plan phase.
4. Providing the required stream buffer for the blue line shown on the USGS Quad map along the Bays Mountain Road frontage unless it is determined to be a wet weather conveyance or that it has been previously rerouted upstream from this property.
5. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works.
6. Placing a note on the final plat that all lots will have access only to Bays Mountain Road.
7. Submitting to Planning staff prior to final plat review by the Planning Commission or Planning staff, the certification of design plan approval form as required by the Knoxville-Knox County Subdivision Regulations.



W. Scott Williams & Associates

Property Information

0 Bays Mountain Rd.

South side of Kimberlin Heights Rd., west side of Bays Mountain Rd. at their intersection

Commission District 9

3.29 acres

South County

Currently on the Property
Vacant land

Growth Plan
Rural Area