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Rainier Valley (formerly Autumn Grove)
16 (Split)
Proposed Density

Staff Recommendation

APPROVE variances 1 & 2 and waivers 1 because topographic constraints and site conditions restrict compliance with the Subdivision Regulations, and the proposed variances will not create a traffic hazard. APPROVE the concept plan subject to 8 conditi

1. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Dept. of Engineering and Public Works. 2. Connection to sanitary sewer and meeting any other relevant requirements of the utility provider. 3. Provision of a street name which is consistent with the Uniform Street Naming and Addressing System in Knox County (Ord. 91-1-102). 4. Meeting all applicable requirements of TDOT and installing access shoulder(s) compliant with their requirements. 5. Sight distance easement to be placed on the final plat of 180 ft within the horizontal curve of Rainier Valley Way or as worked out with Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works. 6. Meeting all applicable requirements of Knox County Fire Marshal's office. 7. Prior to certification of the final plat for the subdivision, establishing a property owners association that will be responsible for maintenance of all common areas, amenities, private road maintenance, and stormwater/drainage facilities. 8. Submitting to Planning staff prior to final plat review by the Planning Commission or Planning staff, the certification of design plan approval form as required by the Knoxville-Knox County Subdivision Regulations.

Northshore Construction, Inc.
4807 E. Emory Rd.

North side of E. Emory Rd., northeast of Palmyra Dr.

Commission District 7

3.60 acres
North County
Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area