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New Primary Structure
Site Info

The applicant is proposing a new house and driveway for 3407 Evans Street. Description of Proposed Site: 1. The front setback of the primary structure is 22 ft and the setback for the front porch is 14 ft. Side setbacks are approximately 23 ft on each side. 2. A dogwood tree is proposed for both the front and rear yards. 3. There is a walkway connecting the front porch to the driveway 4. The driveway is 12-ft wide and is situated approximately 10 ft from the side lot line. 5. It is at the front of the house off of Evans Street since the alley is undeveloped and cannot provide access. It terminates 32 ft past the front of the house. A side door provides additional access from the driveway. Description of Proposed House: 1. The new house proposed is a 5-bedroom, 1-story structure measuring 44 ft wide x 34 ft deep. It has a symmetrical front faҫade with a 16-ft wide x 8-ft deep front porch centered on the front faҫade. 2. It is not of any particular architectural style, but it is consistent with other homes on this street. 3. Foundation height varies from 1-ft to 3-ft on the front of the house, depending on topography. 4. Almost all windows are 3-ft wide x 5-ft high, with the exception of the living room window, which measures 3-ft wide x 3-ft high. All windows have a one-over-one pane pattern. 5. The front door is reminiscent of the craftsman style. 6. The porch is 8' by 16' and features a gable roof with dimensional shingles and a 5:12 slope ratio. 7. Cedar shakes adorn the wall beneath the porch gable, and a header is provided over the porch posts. 8. The primary structure features a large gable roof with the same 5:12 slope ratio and shingles. 9. The porch roof is supported by narrow columns with a plain base and capital.

Staff Recommendation

The Committee approved the application, with a 1-foot variance on the front setback to allow the house to be consistent with other houses on the same side of the street, subject to the condition that windows be added as following: 1. Add one window in the living room on the right side facade 2. Add one window on the rear faҫade in either bedroom 3 or bedroom 5

Case Fileposted 2/4/2020
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