Updates for 2-A-20-UR



Staff Recommendation

APPROVE the indoor, climate-controlled, self-storage use with approximately 117,200 square feet of floor area, subject to 6 conditions.

1. Meeting all applicable requirements of the City of Knoxville Zoning Ordinance, including but not limited to Article 8 (Signs, billboards, and other advertising structures), Article 5, Section 7. (Off-street parking, access, driveway, and landscaping requirements), and Article 5, Section 7.J. (Parking Lot Landscaping). 2. Installing all landscaping shown on the development plan within 6 months of obtaining a certificate of occupancy. 3. Meeting all applicable requirements of the utility provider. 4. Meeting all requirements of the City of Knoxville Department of Engineering. 5. Prior to any Certificate of Occupancy being granted with respect to the indoor storage facility, the Applicant must record a plat to subdivide the property into two lots substantially as shown on plan sheet C2A (Exhibit A -- Subdivision Exhibit provided by the applicant and prepared by Fulghum, MacIndoe, & Associates, Inc.). 6. Once the property is platted per condition #5, this Use on Review approval applies only to the 1.98 acre lot (Parcel A, sheet C2A) and not to the remaining approximately 2.73 acre lot (Parcel B, sheet C2A) which is, and shall continue to be, zoned DK-B. With the conditions noted, this plan meets the requirements for approval of an indoor, climate-controlled, self-service storage facility in the C-2 district and the other criteria for approval of a use-on-review.

Space Mart Development Company, LP
701 & 0 E. Hill Ave.

Northwest side of E. Hill Ave., south side George Dempster Dr. and James White Pkwy.

Council District 6

4.73 acres
Central City

Land Use MU-RC

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area (Inside City Limits)