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Additions visible from the primary street; Changes to porches visible from the primary street
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1. The applicant was unaware that he needed a building permit to enclose a portion of his front porch and began work without a permit. The applicant has since ceased construction and applied for a Certificate of Occupancy. 2. Due to roof and ceiling damage, the applicant was working on this portion of the house and started the porch enclosure as part of that process while making the needed repairs. 3. The proposal is to enclose the right side of the front porch to add storage. The addition would measure 12-ft wide at the front of the house, extending from the front right corner in towards the center. It would be 8-ft deep at the side of the house. 4. The addition would also add a front gable roof with an 8:12 slope of gray shingles to match the existing house. Three corbels beneath the front gable would provide a decorative element. 5. The front window would match the existing one-over-one pane pattern. The front door and front left window remain as that part of the porch would not be altered. 6. The existing house is reminiscent of the craftsman style, with a symmetrical faҫade, a low-pitched shed roof over the front porch, and a side gable roof over the primary part of the structure.

Staff Recommendation

The Committee approved the project with the condition that the porch enclosure utilize 4" to 6" horizontal siding in the same color as the main house to match the existing conditions on the primary structure as closely as possible. 1.The damage sustained over time by the porch support posts, the roof, the door, and other structural elements was such that these elements needed to be demolished and rebuilt. They are beyond repair. 2.The majority of the houses on the street are of no significant architectural style, so the proposal is not out of character for the neighborhood. 3.The approval includes the change in front setback, understanding that the porch enclosure moves the primary structure closer to the lot line.

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