Design Review Board
Updates for 2-A-20-DT


Level 2: Major alteration of an existing building/structure

Removal of the existing garage doors on the south (Depot Street) elevation and installation of the garage doors on the west (rear) elevation. The new openings on the west elevation will match the size openings on the south elevation and the existing garage doors will be installed in the new openings. The wall openings on the south elevation will be infilled with a wall and windows trimmed to simulate the look for a storefront. The trim material will be fiber cement and middle portion of the wall will have four panels with a stucco finish. The four windows will be an aluminum storefront system with frosted privacy window film applied to the back side of the windows.

Site Info

The existing garage doors face a parking lot located at the intersection of Depot Avenue and Gay Street. The garage is located to the rear of the buildings that front onto N. Gay Street, so the proposed work will not be highly visible from the adjacent streets and will have little impact on nearby development. The guidelines recommend that "access to parking garages should not limit options for future development of continguous or adjacent space, especially on corners." This is meant to address entrances to larger parking structures, however, this proposal is consistent with this guideline because it further reduces encumbrances to redevelop the adjacent property, if the owner chooses to do so. There is an existing access easement to Gay Street over the adjacent parking lot drive aisle that will remain and be extended to allow access to the rear of the building. Applicable guidelines: Section 1.A.3. (PARKING FACILITIES) It is important to ensure that parking facilities (both public and private) are safe, accessible, and clearly marked. New parking facilities should be designed to be attractive, compatible additions to downtown. In general, new parking facilities should remain subordinate to the street scene. GUIDELINES: 3g. Access to parking garages should not limit options for future development of contiguous or adjoining space, especially on corners. Section 1.B.3. (BUILDING MATERIALS) New building materials should relate to the scale, durability, color, and texture of the predominate building materials in the area. GUIDELINES: 3a. Use complimentary materials and elements, especially next to historic buildings.

Staff Recommendation

APPROVE Certifice 2-A-20-DT as submitted.

Case Fileposted 2/12/2020
415 W. Depot Ave.
Andrew Godwin, Sparkman & Associates Architects, Inc.
Jack & Marleen O'Hanlon

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