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New Primary Structure
Site Info

The applicant is proposing a new house and driveway for 427 E. Quincy Avenue. Proposed Site: 1. The front setback of the primary structure will be 20 feet, and the front porch will be 8 feet. 2. Side setbacks are 12 ft on the left and 7 ft on the right. 3. Driveway access is off the alley and a parking pad is provided. A walkway connects the parking pad to a door on the right side of the house. Proposed House: 1. The new house proposed is a 3-bedroom, 1-story structure reminiscent of the Craftsman -style. It has a symmetrical front faҫade with a front porch that spans the width of the house. 2. The primary structure of the house is 1,260 sq ft, and measures 30' wide x 42' long. The front porch is 8 ft deep. 3. Brick foundation is 2'-4" H. 4. Bedroom windows meet Building Code requirements. 5. The front door is appropriate for a Craftsman-style house. It is flanked by two sets of double-windows. The individual windows in each set are 3' wide x 5'-6" high. 6. The house will have a gable roof with architectural shingles and a 7:12 slope ratio. 7. Shake siding in wood or Hardiplank, and horizontal lap siding in either wood or Hardiplank, adorn the wall beneath the gable along with a 4-in wide bracket. A small window vent sits beneath this gable. A header with 4-in wide brackets on either side transitions the gable wall down to the porch posts. 8. The porch roof is supported by four sets of double-columns on top of brick piers across the front of the house. The columns are wood with a plain base and capital. Wood rails and balusters run between the brick piers on both sides of the stairs. 9. The sides of the house have a balance between wall and window placement. The right side of the house has a door for access and four windows. The left side of the house contains four windows.

Staff Recommendation

The Committee recommended approval of the project with the following conditions: 1. A walkway should be added from the front porch to the front sidewalk (p. 5). 2. The front driveway to the previous house should be removed to prevent parking between the front of the house and the street (p. 7). The curb should be repaired to the City of Knoxville's Engineering Department requirements. 3. Shrubs or landscaping should be shown on the site plan to demonstrate screening (p. 7). 4. Driveway and parking pad shall meet City of Knoxville Engineering Department requirements. a. Parking pad shall be 18 ft x 20 ft. b. If using a gravel surface, a minimum of 10-15 ft of asphalt or concrete is required to be installed from the street to keep gravel off of the alley, and landscape timbers must be installed along both sides of the driveway and around the parking pad to contain the gravel. 5. Utilize 3-over-1 window panes on the front faҫade to be consistent with the rest of the house (p. 10). 6. Utilize lap siding versus Dutch lap or horizontal panels to more closely resemble the exterior materials historically utilized in the neighborhood (p.13). 7. Replace the window/vent combination beneath the front gable with a single vent of appropriate scale to remain more consistent with the Craftsman style of architecture. Other Comments: 1. The average front setback of the other houses on this side of the blockface is 19 feet. Unenclosed porches are permitted to encroach into the front setback area up to 5 ft., so the front setbacks meet the base zone's (RN-2) requirements without the need for a variance.

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