Concept Plan


Approved by the Planning Commission
APPROVE variances 1 and 2 because the existing site conditions restrict compliance with the Subdivision Regulations and the proposed variances will not create a traffic hazard.

APPROVE the Concept Plan subject to 7 conditions:
After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the County, appeals will be heard by Knox County Chancery Court.
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Applicant Request

Buttermilk Road S/D
39 (Split)
Proposed Density
1.51 du/ac
Yes - SF

Case Notes

1. Connection to sanitary sewer and meeting any other relevant requirements of the utility provider.
2. Provision of street names which are consistent with the Uniform Street Naming and Addressing System within Knox County (Ord. 91-1-102).
3. During the design plan stage of the subdivision review process the applicant shall work with the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works and Planning staff to minimize the clearing and grading of the common areas identified on the concept plan. When the grading and stormwater plans are finalized, the design plan shall identify the areas within the common area that are to remain as natural undisturbed areas. These areas shall be identified on the final plat and in the protective covenants for the subdivision as natural undisturbed areas with a prohibition on any clearing and grading except what would be needed for a passive trail system. The boundary for the natural undisturbed areas shall be clearly marked in the field prior to any site grading in order to identify the limits of disturbance and protect those areas of mature vegetation.
4. The 50' building setback from the sinkholes/closed contours on the site shall be shown on the final plat. Building construction within the 50' setback may be permitted if a geotechnical study prepared by a registered engineer states that building within the 50' sinkhole buffer is acceptable and the study is approved by the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works. The geotechnical study must be completed and submitted to Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works prior to submission of the final plat for any lots that do not have a building area outside of the 50' setback area. A 5' drainage easement extending outside of the uppermost closed contour is required. Building construction is not permitted within the hatchered contour area of the sinkhole or the drainage easement. Engineered footings may be required for any structures within the 50' sinkhole buffer.
5. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works.
6. Prior to certification of the final plat for the subdivision, establishing a property owners association that will be responsible for maintenance of the open space areas, the drainage system and any amenities.
7. Submitting to Planning staff prior to final plat review by the Planning Commission or Planning staff, the certification of design plan approval form as required by the Knoxville-Knox County Subdivision Regulations.

Urban Engineering, Inc.

Property Information

0 Buttermilk Rd.

Northwest side of Buttermilk Rd., west of Graybeal Rd

Commission District 6

25.90 acres

Northwest County

Currently on the Property
Vacant land

Growth Plan
Rural Area