Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends approval of Certificate 10-D-20-DT as submitted.

Applicant Request

Proposed installation of one illuminated projecting sign. Sign will be shaped like an ellipse, measuring 3'-4" wide by 2'-9" tall and secured by a 2" thick metal projecting arm. The sign will be placed 8'-0" above the sidewalk level at its lowest point, on the rightmost pilaster of the brick storefront. Illumination limited to channel-lit letters.

Site Info

116 S. Central Street is a contributing structure to the Southern Terminal and Warehouse National Register Historic District, so the Historic Resources section of the design guidelines applies. Proposed placement on the brick masonry pilasters to the right of the storefront does not alter or detract from historic features on the building's faҫade. The sign measures 9.17 square feet, only somewhat exceeding the 9-square feet recommendation of the design guidelines, and is not illuminated.

Under 2018 building codes, awnings, canopies, marquees, and signs with less than 15' of sidewalk clearance shall not extend into or occupy more than two-thirds the width of the sidewalk (2018 IBC, 3202.3.1). The applicant has provided the sidewalk measurement as approximately 7', and the sign will project 3'-8" over the sidewalk (2/3rds of a 7' sidewalk measuring 4.67').

116 S. Central St.

SignCo, Inc., Kayland Sheckles

Boyds Group Properties LLC