Use On Review


Denied by the Planning Commission
DENY the request for additional parking in a more restrictive zone.
After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the County, appeals will be heard by Knox County Board of Zoning Appeals.
What's next?

Applicant Request

Case Notes

1. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance
2. Prior to obtaining a grading permit, combine this site (47 C D 012) with the adjoining commercial property (047 117) by approval and recording of a final plat.
3. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Department of Engineering.
4. Installation of landscaping as shown on the development plan within six months of the approval date or posting a bond with Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works to guarantee such installation. Landscaping shall be installed as to not interfere with the sight triangles and visibility along public streets.
5. Installation of the parking lot pervious pavement as shown on the development plan.

With the conditions noted, this request meets the requirements for approval in the RA & CA zones and the criteria for approval of a use on review.

Garrett Development & Construction, LLC

Property Information

7605 Cedarcrest Rd.

North side of E. Emory Rd., Southwest side of Cedarcrest Rd.

Commission District 7

0.42 acres

North County

Land Use Designation? LDR (Low Density Residential) & O (Office)

Currently on the Property

Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area