Updates for 10-B-19-RZ



Staff Recommendation

Deny C-G zoning because it allows commercial uses too intense to be located at an interior intersection at the entry of a stable, single-family neighborhood and would be incompatible with the adjacent single family residential zoning.

The applicant has revised their rezoning request to include only parcel 058 M 02201 (0 Sanders Drive), and to request the property be rezoned to C-G-2 instead of the previous requests of C-3 or C-N. The original request included 220 Adair Drive, which is no longer part of the rezoning request. The associated plan amendment cases were withdrawn at the May 14, 2020 Planning Commission meeting. COMMENTS: REZONING REQUIREMENTS FROM ZONING ORDINANCES (must meet all of these): THE PROPOSED AMENDMENT SHALL BE NECESSARY BECAUSE OF SUBSTANTIALLY CHANGED OR CHANGING CONDITIONS IN THE AREA AND DISTRICTS AFFECTED, OR IN THE CITY/COUNTY GENERALLY: 1. There are no changes in conditions that would warrant a rezoning. THE PROPOSED AMENDMENT SHALL BE CONSISTENT WITH THE INTENT AND PURPOSE OF THE APPLICABLE ZONING ORDINANCE: 1. The C-G General Commercial Zoning District is intended to provide for a heterogeneous mix of retail, personal service, office, and residential uses within and along Knoxville's commercial nodes and corridors. The C-G District is intended to promote mixed-use development in a pedestrian-oriented environment that recalls the City's traditional business districts, and offers flexibility in the creation of integrated commercial, office and residential spaces. The C- G District is divided into three levels of intensity related to the overall form and design of the development; however, uses are the same across all levels. This zone is intended primarily for indoor commercial uses with limited exceptions per special use approval. 2. Rezonings should be based on the entire range of uses allowed within a zone to ensure that any development brought forth at a future time would be compatible with the surrounding land uses. There are several uses in the C-G zone that would not be compatible with the historic neighborhood adjacent to this property. 3. Design Standards for C-G-2 apply to new construction. Commercial development on this property would be required to meet these standards (Table 5.2 in the new zoning code) if the rezoning request is approved, in addition to the Parking Standards (Section 11), the Landscaping Standards (Section 12), and the Lighting Standards (contained within Section 10) of the new zoning ordinance. THE PROPOSED AMENDMENT SHALL NOT ADVERSELY AFFECT ANY OTHER PART OF THE COUNTY, NOR SHALL ANY DIRECT OR INDIRECT ADVERSE EFFECTS RESULT FROM SUCH AMENDMENT. 1. The C-G zone allows some commercial uses that are too intense to be located at the entry to a stable, small-lot, single-family residential neighborhood. 2. The rezoning would allow an intense commercial zone to encroach into the residential neighborhood should it be approved, as the property across the street is a detached, single-family home and marks the beginning of residential development. THE PROPOSED AMENDMENT SHALL BE CONSISTENT WITH AND NOT IN CONFLICT WITH THE GENERAL PLAN OF KNOXVILLE AND KNOX COUNTY, INCLUDING ANY OF ITS ELEMENTS, MAJOR ROAD PLAN, LAND USE PLAN, COMMUNITY FACILITIES PLAN, AND OTHERS: 1. C-G zoning is consistent with the current North City Sector Plan's General Commercial land use designation. However, the North City Sector Plan is one of the oldest sector plans and as such, is outdated. It is one of the first sector plans that will be updated in the coming months. 2. The GC designation on this parcel allows zoning and uses that would be incompatible with the small-lot, single family residential neighborhood beyond this property. This property is at the corner leading into the development. A less intense zone (Office, Neighborhood Commercial) could form more of a transition from the C-G zone adjacent on the right to the RN-1 zone across the street and adjacent to the south. 3. This property is in the School Parental Responsibility Zone for Gresham Middle and Central High Schools. Sidewalks are required to be installed with any new development. 4. This parcel is located in Flood Zone X, but is not in a floodplain or floodway.

Jennifer Reynolds / Baxter Properties
0 Sanders Drive

At the intersection of Adair Drive and Sanders Drive, west of Tazewell Pike

Council District 4
Census Tract 43

0.28 acres
North City

Land Use GC (General Commercial)

Growth Plan
Within City Limits