Updates for 1-SA-20-C



Concept Plan
Spradlin Place

Staff Recommendation

DENY the applicants request to eliminate the sidewalk requirement condition of the concept plan approval. APPROVE the following revised sidewalk condition.

3. (Revised condition) The applicant shall be responsible for constructing a section of sidewalk within the public right-of-way of Pleasant Ridge Road in the area identified on the attached maps as "Sidewalk Improvement Area". Since the proposed sidewalk will be located within the public right-of-way for the City of Knoxville, the sidewalk shall meet all applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA) and the Knoxville Department of Engineering. Once the developer has obtained approval from the City of Knoxville for the proposed sidewalk improvements and posted a bond with the City for the installation of the sidewalk improvements, the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works will release any unused bond funds for Spradlin Place Subdivision to the developer.

Terry Wear Spradlin Place, LLC /
2225 Country Brook Ln.

North side of Pleasant Ridge Road, northwest of Murray Drive.

Commission District 7

41.40 acres
Northwest City
Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area (Outside City Limits)