City of Knoxville One Year Plan

The City's Charter mandates the annual adoption of a one year comprehensive development plan covering the entire city and requires future zoning decisions in the city conform to the community's comprehensive development plans.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission and the City Council use the OYP to evaluate individual rezoning requests. Every parcel of land in Knoxville has been assigned a OYP land-use classification. Each classification contains an acceptable range of zones.

Recap: The 2017 One Year Plan Update

Three public meetings were held in February, 2017 to kick off the annual update of Knoxville's One Year Plan. MPC Staff were on hand to discuss:

    • Amendments occurring in the previous year
    • Proposed amendments for newly annexed property
    • Proposed staff amendments for 2017

The One Year Plan was considered at the MPC meeting on March 9, 2017 (view video). The update was postponed to the April 13, 2017 MPC meeting.


Public Meeting Schedule


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If you'd like to discuss the plan, please contact the staff members below.

Michael Brusseau
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Jeff Archer
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