Proposed Mixed Use Zoning - Bearden Area

To create the sense of place and community as recommended in the Bearden Village Opportunities Plan, MPC is proposing a new Mixed Use District zone in existing commercial areas.

In 2015, Knoxville City Council requested that MPC staff consider options to allow residential uses in existing commercial areas to allow a mix of residential, office and commercial uses. Here, you will find updates throughout this process and ways in which to get involved.

City Council Workshop, November 17

The workshop will start at 5:30 PM at the City's Public Works Complex located at 3131 Morris Avenue.

More Details

Brief Background

In 2001, the Bearden Village Opportunities Plan was developed with extensive input from the community. The plan focused on three goals:

  • Enhance pedestrian activity and access
  • Enhance the sense of place and community
  • Build upon Bearden's urban character and unique atmosphere

To accomplish this, the plan recommends transforming Bearden into an "urban village," a complete and integrated community of housing, shops, workplaces, schools, parks and civic facilities within easy walking distance of each other.

Vision for the Future

  • Continuous pedestrian/greenway linkages
  • Shopping village atmosphere
  • Enhanced landscaping
  • Successful merchants association
  • Sense of place and community
  • Enhancement of the unique urban character
  • Architectural harmony in commercial and office development

Community Goals

  • Enhance pedestrian activity and access, while minimizing the negative effects of vehicular traffic on neighborhoods and pedestrians.
  • Enhance the sense of place and community.
  • Build upon Bearden's urban character and unique atmosphere by promoting appropriate development.

Purpose and Intent of proposed Mixed Use zoning

  1. Provide appropriate areas for and facilitate quality mixed use, pedestrian-friendly development for specific areas of the City;
  2. Group and link places used for living, working, shopping, educating, and recreating, thereby reducing vehicle trips, relieving traffic congestion, and improving the overall quality of life in the city;
  3. Provide a variety of residential housing types and densities to assure activity in the district, support a mix of uses, and enhance the housing choices of city residents; and
  4. Integrate new mixed-use development with its surroundings by encouraging connections for pedestrians and vehicles and by assuring sensitive, compatible use, scale, and operational transitions to neighboring uses.


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Proposed Zoning Map and Height Maximum Comparison Tool

Explore the new land use map and compare to the existing plan.

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If you'd like staff to attend one of your community meetings and discuss the sector plan, contact Mike Reynolds.

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