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Design Guidelines Workshop Summary With MPC+Knox Heritage
The Metropolitan Planning Commission and Knox Heritage co-sponsored a Design Guidelines Workshop at the Cansler YMCA on July 29th from 6-9pm. There were approximately 60 people in attendance. Kim Trent, Director of Knox Heritage, kicked off the meeting with information on the events leading up to the designation of the existing Edgewood-Park City Historic District (H-1) overlay in 1997. She also offered some information on housing trends on the back-to-the-city movement and how this trend is reflected locally in Parkridge.

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Historic Zoning Commission Implements New Procedure:
Pre-application Review for Complex Projects

The HZC has approved a new procedure for the review of larger or more complex projects such as new construction and certain accessory structures, called a pre-application review. The purpose of the required pre-application review is to provide helpful feedback to the applicant early in the design process with the goal of more efficiently achieving plans that meet design guidelines. There is no fee for the required pre-application review.

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MPC sponsored a community "Open House" on February 17th at the O'Connor Senior Center to provide information and receive input on the proposed expansion of the Edgewood-Park City Historic District H-1 Overlay. The format offered an informal afternoon format for property owners who could not attend the January 19th evening meeting. MPC staff presented the information from that earlier meeting including handouts and a powerpoint presentation. Approximately 20 participants were in attendance at any given time whereas a total 44 attendees signed in. Concerns were expressed by those in attendance about renovation costs followed by discussion on how these concerns could be addressed in an update of the design guidelines. It was noted by those who have reviewed the draft guidelines that they are incorporating more flexibility into the design criteria in order to offer renovation solutions at greater variety of price points.

It was acknowledged by many in attendance that change is coming to the Parkridge neighborhood. The discussion among attendees centered around whether a historic overlay would be the right tool to guide the changes that are occurring. There was discussion about the extra effort, and sometimes inconvenience, it would take to have a say in neighborhood change guided by a set of design standards that the neighborhood works to create.

A draft map of the potential expanded district boundaries, including 529 properties, can be found here.

A draft of the Edgewood-Park City design guidelines update can be found here.

2015 Preservation Report to the Mayor
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Preservation of Mid-Century Modern: Letter to the Editor
Many people believe preservation is only about the distant past, but that is not the case. Preservation is also about the future, and for that reason, preservationists must do their best to predict the future in order to protect the places people will value decades or centuries from now.
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Design Guidelines Update
Summary of the Design Guidelines Update that is now in progress. Use the link at the end of the page to join the discussion.

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